The Master’s Thoughts & Musings

Welcome to the more intimate thoughts of The Master.
Read on to find out about His tastes, desires, what He is seeking in a slave,
what Training is like and more…

I have been many things to many people: Master, Mentor, Teacher, Lover, Sensei, Friend, Advisor, and / or Guide. In me you will find a warrior, a poet, a mathematician, a dancer, a scientist, a dreamer, and an artist.


I am NOT some fluffy, pseudo-dominant — if you want a weekend warrior then I am the wrong person for you.

I am NOT into genuinely harming anyone — if you are someone who craves genuine damage, real abuse or to be treated like cr*p then you should look elsewhere. The art of D/s and S&M is ultimately about Becoming MORE than you were the day before, not less. The tools and toys of FINE S&M can be applied to make it as exhilarating as stepping into a deliciously HOT bathtub. After a long day at work you come home, turn on the bath to a temperature that you know will soothe your muscles. The temperature you select is YOUR THRESHOLD — any cooler would not be satisfying, and any hotter would be too much. That delicious feeling you get when you first lower yourself into that hot bath is just like the point we seek in The Very Best S&M — exciting, stimulating, intense, and ultimately PLEASURABLE.

NO TWO PEOPLE ARE EXACTLY ALIKE where and at what point their Personal Threshold occurs. In addition, a person’s threshold can CHANGE depending on circumstances the exact same way you might want that HOT BATH a little hotter or colder on different nights. It is THE SKILL OF THE DOM to discover where your Threshold is on a particular night and to play within those parameters. With my plentiful experience behind me I can tell you that it takes me only a few minutes, sometimes even seconds, to ascertain someone’s Threshold. One just has to know what to look for.

I am NOT looking for a harem — what I seek is a compatibility intense enough and strong enough such that we can go on a number of adventures together. I am open to what form this might take, from simply finding a superior, submissive Play Partner, to meeting one with whom we choose to explore a more sincere, ongoing and focused experience of Domination and submission, to finding a unique soul with whom the chemistry is so strong that only a Master-slave relationship can even remotely satisfy the hunger we inspire in each other.

I am NOT interested in pursuing anything serious with you if you:

  • are a pessimist and prefer to be negative about life; I am an optimist
  • are a bible-beater; I am eclectically spiritual and not a fundamentalist
  • are mean-spirited; I prize a kind-hearted nature in a submissive
  • are currently on prescription anti-psychotic or anti-depressant medications; They will interfere with your ability to be Trained
  • are currently a self-cutter; The control issues you face must be dealt with and resolved before you can be Trained
  • are currently in a serious relationship with another man; I am not a home-wrecker
  • currently have any kind of eating disorder; The control issues you face must be dealt with and resolved before you can be Trained
  • need to drink alcohol every day or night; Alcoholism precludes Training
  • do any drug that goes up your nose (or anything harder!); You cannot submit to me if you are being ruled by a substance
  • smoke more than 5 cigarettes a month; Your health is priority – if I accept you for Training you should expect to give up tobacco (I am ok with electronic cigarettes / vaporizers)
  • are seeking a father for your child; I may be YOUR “Daddy”, but I do not care to be the father of your child – If you are only a part-time parent, that’s fine.
  • for any reason currently (or have future plans to) accept money in exchange for having sex with men, i.e. escort, adult film, etc.; You cannot fully submit if you use your sexuality as a monetized bargaining tool

I am NOT someone who speaks out of my rear — I can happily provide references from around the globe.


Now listen carefully kitten: if in fact you are looking for an immaculate Dom / Trainer / Master to cultivate you into something truly spectacular which you yourself will be proud of, then you are very much at the right door. I have been doing this for over 20 years (I started young), and ALWAYS as a Dom / Top even before I knew there were words for what I liked or that there was a community of like-minded people out there. IT IS WHO I AM; It Is In My Soul. I have been using the Tools and Toys of more Formal S&M (floggers, whips, paddles, etc) and training slaves since I found my way into the public S&M Scene over in Europe many moons ago. The people I learned from were simply the best Europe had to offer at that time, and as my friends they taught me everything they knew. I have an outstanding reputation and I consider S&M and D/s to be ART FORMS in which one can Grow, Find Peace, Evolve, Mature, and bring a great deal of Beauty into everyday life.

I demand simple RELIABILITY from a Play Partner, Commitment from a devoted submissive, and Excellence from a slave. If you train with me for a length of time, you will become more graceful, more poised, more elegant, stronger in mind and spirit….and you will have a fantastic time getting there. I will take you in as the gem that you already are, and I will polish you to an even brighter perfection.


Look deep inside — do you desire to be guided?

Instructed? Commanded? Taught? Is that Hunger in your heart why you call yourself submissive? If your answer is YES to any of these, then you are on the right track as they are all excellent reasons to seek a Master. THESE ARE NOT THE ONLY REASONS TO PURSUE SUBMISSION – the passions in your submissive heart are truly Unique To YOU, and part of what makes the relationship between a Master and a slave so incredible is Discovering and Exploring this Uniqueness.

Take it to heart however, that there are VERY FEW Doms who really understand the RESPONSIBILITY when an angel like yourself approaches a Dom and asks that Dom to tell them what to do, to instruct them, to guide them. I have heard too many stories of submissives with the purest intentions ending up with some fool of a pseudo-Dom who doesn’t have a clue what this kind of responsibility entails.

I am NOT one of those foolish pseudo-Doms, and in me you will truly find safe harbor for your most intense and passionate submissive desires.


I am not interested in flakes. Flakes are a Dime a Dozen and truly as common as dirt – is that how you want people to see you? I am not interested in meeting just another one of the mediocre masses. I am interested in those who seek to be Exceptional and I expect anyone I am interacting with to be a quality individual. You cannot be a Flake and also be a person of quality – it’s one or the other. YES, “acts of god” do happen…Once In A Great While. I will easily make room for such an occasional circumstance out of your control, but if you show me that you structure your life to consistently produce flakey circumstances then I will show you the door. Applicants should be Reliable, Sincere about their submission, and Dependable.


Everything will be explained up front, including my elaborate and comprehensive system of Safewords that I use (which you can learn all about in my book, Igniting The Fire: The Art of Romantic Submission), and you will be treated with caring and respect. Your behavior will dictate the degree of severity or mercy, chastisement or reward that I give to you. Rewards come in many forms, including traveling with me as my companion (to Europe, etc.) as I travel often. Above all, I am Fair. I believe that life should be FUN, and my goal is that your smile will shine brightly in the purest realization of your submissive beauty.

Ideally, a long-term, live-in Applicant will become my Property, my Pet, and my Companion. D/s Training is my SATORI, a Japanese word meaning “spiritual art-form,” and as such it is always deeply fulfilling for me to Train a beautiful submissive soul. With over 15 years of practicing Tantra Yoga, I have a Kama Sutra level of appreciation for all aspects of sexuality, both Vanilla and Fetish alike. Equally, as a Bondage Expert (as you can view on the RIGGING page) I very much enjoy acts of love and tenderness while my slave is bound and gagged. I am one to indulge my slave to prepare herself for our erotic adventures by taking her time to add those touches to make herself particularly enticing – wearing alluring (or deliciously “slutty”) clothing, high heels, tasteful make up, costumes, etc, all in the name of increasing the pleasure and fun of our experiences together.

For the record, I NEVER use the word “SLUT” in a derogatory fashion; it is ALWAYS a compliment. (*grin*)


I also firmly believe in Living Life To The Fullest. As such I will never let our respective roles limit our ability to plainly and simply Enjoy Life and all it has to offer. I will indulge your own talents, tastes, and what makes you smile and laugh a healthy laugh. Thus there is plenty of “Down-Time” when The Master and the slave simply spend quality time together as Real People, with the D/s Roles present but not necessarily overtly active nor visible. I feel there is a lot to be said for the simple things in life such as enjoying our popcorn at the movie theater together, or enjoying the magic of a white sand beach to ourselves.

In “Down-Time” you will be completely free to relax and do your own thing. Down-time equally allows us to simply hang-out and get to know each other as Real People, share jokes, talk about current events, go to the theater or a museum, share a good meal, etc. We will learn about each other’s NON-S&M facets. Laughter is VERY important to me as is a good sense of humor, and as a rule I laugh easily because I find many aspects of life that many people take soooo seriously to actually be quite humorous. I truly believe we all have to be able to laugh at ourselves once in a while. It is true that I can be incredibly strict and intensely hardcore, but at the same time take to heart that I take great pleasure in just having fun, enjoying life, and occasionally laughing so hard that my sides hurt. I grew up in a family that prized humor (I was raised on The Marx Brothers, Monty Python, and Charlie Chaplin), so don’t be surprised if my own oh-so-serious side suddenly gives way to downright goofiness.


If your desire is to be fully trained as an exquisite slave, then expect to contribute back to The Master in the form of service based on the amount of time you spend in training. This can come in a variety of forms and will usually be based on your personal talents or very specific needs that I may have which seem suited to your abilities. Service to me is one of the ways you can show your appreciation for the care, time and energy that I will be putting into you, as well as give you a channel to express the devotional aspects within your submissive soul. Take to heart that The Master’s time and energy are worth their weight in gold.

If you have an exciting career that you are pursuing we will customize our time together to take your career into account, as well as other activities that either require your time or are passions of yours. It brings me great pleasure to see my submissive excited about herself, her passions, her hobbies, her talents, and her life.

By the way, for those of you who think that you are over-the-hill at 27, know that my experience says most women don’t even begin blossoming into their fullest beauty until 30…


Training with me is NOT for those who quit after the first test, or for the arrogant or phony. If you want THE REAL THING and you are prepared to focus yourself to become trained to the heights of your submissive beauty, you will be rewarded with a BLISS you have only ever dreamed about. You will see & feel the results with your own eyes, heart, body, mind and soul.

Above all I recognize that any woman pursuing this path is already someone very deep and quite self-aware. You are precious, and through your training you will become even more empowered. I may be strict with you at times, but rest assured you will always feel absolutely cherished.


For the sake of weeding out time-wasters I have to set down these rules:

  • Although I am selective, I am comfortable to meet in a variety of ways, i.e. via webcam, in person at a coffeeshop, etc.
  • A photo of you MUST be received prior to any serious consideration of your application. Once your application is being considered, a live webcam chat / video-conference will be REQUIRED before granting any acceptance or entrance into The Crow Academy.
  • I am NOT into dragging out online chatting for months.
  • You should be sincerely ready to meet in person as soon as we get comfortable with each other (a few weeks to a few months based on the simple coordination of our schedules).
  • Distance is a non-issue; if you live far away, one of us will fly to meet the other.
  • You should be in excellent general health. This means physically fit, in shape, height-weight proportionate, and 100% STD-Free. You should have had a complete STD Test within the last 12 months and practice Safe Sex.


If you are seeking to truly be Guided by a Gentle Hand and an Iron Will…

If you are seeking to be Trained by and to Serve an impeccable and renowned Master who will treat the magic of your beautifully submissive heart with genuine respect and care…

If you are ready to be Dominated by One who will look straight into your soul, turn your weaknesses into Strengths, and by your own submission challenge you to become a Much More Powerful Person than you’ve ever dreamed of becoming…

THEN it is time to Begin.

Fill out one of the Forms ( CONTACT or APPLICATION ) and tell me about yourself.

The adventure awaits you.


— Extreme sports (scuba diving, skydiving, hang gliding), skiing, martial arts, movies (lots), dancing, sushi, traveling, learning foreign languages, laughing until my sides hurt, getting rich, meeting cool and interesting people, soaking in hot springs, hiking, writing, reading a really good book, shopping with my slave (when you are a Good Girl), games, beaches in the South Pacific, drinking fresh coconut juice on a tropical beach, horseback riding through sand & surf….to name a few.

— Australia, almost any island in the South Pacific, New Zealand, Barcelona, London, South Beach (Miami), Los Angeles, British Columbia (and most of Canada), The Scottish Highlands, The Bavarian Alps, Vienna, Bali, remote Mexico, misc. Central American islands, the fjords in the FAR North of Norway, Lagos (Portugal).

BEST PARTY IN THE WORLD — My friend’s Fetish Parties in Real Castles and Real Palaces in Germany. Been told I throw a pretty mean shin-dig myself. (*grin*).

FAMOUS PARTIES I ENJOY — Ibiza in the peak season.

FAVORITE QUOTE — “Name Your Limitations and Sure Enough They Are Yours” (from ILLUSIONS by Richard Bach).

2nd FAVORITE QUOTE — “Intelligence is the modern aphrodisiac.” (Timothy Leary)

BIGGEST TURN-ONS — (given physical attraction) — reliability, intelligence, a wicked sense of humor, and a vivid & creative imagination. As for physical, my favorite parts on a women are a pretty face, a flat tummy, and a firm, tight derriere. And there are few things in life more exquisite than a beautiful woman in stiletto heels, tightly bound and gagged looking at me with eyes that speak of the Want…the Need…and the HUNGER in her soul.

MY ROLE MODEL — Shrek (because Ogres are like onions…)

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY — There is no limit to how much a person can learn or grow if they want to, and there is no end to educating and expanding oneself.


(Included here in the rare event someone of that taste comes to this website…)

Are you an Edge Player? Do you feel that romance within D/s is without a doubt a wonderful experience, yet there is still that lingering sense that your limits have not been pushed as far as you really want to go?

No, Edge Play is NOT the same thing as knife-play. Edge Play is about INTENSE scenes — not necessarily painful, and not necessarily scary — but always having a distinct heat and VERY tangible intensity. Edge Play scenes take MUCH more thought and planning on the part of the Dom, and good Edge Playing Doms are VERY hard to find.

I have been enjoying the creation of incredible Edge Play scenes (although ONLY when playing with someone who enjoys that level of play) for many years when all the pieces fall into place for such a rare scene. It is NOT part of my normal D/s Style unless you specifically show an interest and an aptitude for Edge Play.

Edge Play is about going to the very Edge of where you previously thought your limits were, whether those are mental, physical or emotional limits.

If you are reading this now and you consider yourself a submissive Edge Player then contact me and prepare yourself for some phenomenal scenes.

Someone once said that Edge Play is like the Fine Wine of S&M. You work hard, you play hard, you take it to the Edge.

Continue Deeper…

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